Tour the Historic Graveyard

Historically, graveyards are special cemeteries that are part of a Church…

there is the Church Yard and then there is the Grave Yard.   

The Walker Chapel Historic Cemetery is both a historic graveyard

and a historic Christian cemetery.

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A unique 

Place of Peace 

The cemetery was first used by the Walker family in the mid-1800’s.  There are a scattering of plain, verical, granite stones without inscription that may pre-date the Walker’s use.  There are many infants and children buried in the cemetery with stones that share their parents love and loss…

“Budded on Earth, Blooming in Heaven”.


Historic Cemetery Project

The HCP is a multi-year, $1.2M project to enhance and expand the cemetery to better serve all in our Chapel, neighborhood, and community.  Come follow us as we work the project starting in 2019 and on.

Prayer. Redemption . Restoration .

Do Justice
Love Kindness
Walk Humbly with God
In the footsteps of Jesus Christ

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